An Award

Freedom Berd's Nest
This is my first award and I am very proud that
I received it!
This very special award is from my very special friend, "Doc".
Doc, although I am very honored to receive this, I would like to
SALUTE YOU for your service and your willingness to share
your memories. Stop by Doc's pages, tell him that Nikki sent you
and I thank him every day. Thanks Doc!
Another award that I am very proud to receive...
This is from Bud, a Vietnam hero from my
home state of Pennsylvania! Bud, you deserve
all the credit and for that I am thankful.
I even was lucky enough to meet Bud twice!
Click on the award to visit his site.
This is another of Doc's great graphics.
I really love the personalized one!
Click the "Above and Beyond" to visit Doc!
This award is very special to me and was a very
nice surprise. Thank you so much Joanna and
the members of POW/MIA Freedom Fighters.
Some of the graphics on my site are from
Joanna, please use the beautiful graphic to the
right to visit her site!
Thank you so much Gunny for this special award!!
I am very proud to receive this and to be a
member of Operation Just Cause.
Click the award to visit Gunny's Meadow Years.
This was another surprise! Thank you so much! Click this
beautiful award to visit Dennis' home page.
Semper Fi... MSgt. Kibler
This wonderful award is from Donald Lechner, Jr., a Vet right here
in my home state!!!! We are almost neighbors.  Thank you so much
Mr. Lechner. I really do care about out Vets and this award is very
special!!!! I got to meet Mr. Lechner in D.C. at Rolling Thunder XIII!!!
Another great surprise! Thanks Karl for the wonderful award  Visit
Karl's Korner, it is a great site and has a lot of great links.
To all whom this site shall come "Greetings"
Know ye, that I, confiding in the outstanding
of Nikki's POW/MIA Vigil Website do as of this
date, 9 February, in the year of our Lord, Two
Thousand-The New Millenium and of the great
Independence of the "United States of America"
the two hundred and twenty fourth year bestowed
upon the above names "Patriot" with great pride
for the exceptional display of "Outstanding
This award presented by
Al Varelas-USMC
Decorated Vietnam Veteran
26th Marine Regiment
Khe Sanh Combat Base
Republic of South Vietnam
Know ye all who preview this presentation, that
this Award is confered upon True Patriots only.
Be it also know that this Award is given at the
discretion of it's originator, or by
recommendation of a receipient, and cannot be
applied for.....

WOW! What an honor!!! Thank you so much Mr.
Varelas!!! Please visit his web site and tell him
that Nikki thanks him very much!!!
This award is very special to me because there
is the story of a Hero behind it.  Thank you so
much Mr. Melella and Mrs. Melton for this award.  
Please read the story of Master Sergeant Melton
and why I received this award.
Congratulations!!! You have been awarded the Marvin Melton Web Page Award for your concern
and caring for Veterans and POW/MIA's.  This award is given to people that show their support for
our older Veterans and the POW/MIA cause.  This is a new award that has been designed the way
it is for sever reasons.  The story of Master Sergeant should explain why it was done this way.  
Marvin Menton entered the U.S. Army in 1933, when there was still a Horse Calvary.  He served
with the 10th Calvary until the beginning of World War II.  He was transferred to the Armor branch
and trained at Fort Benning, GA.  He was sent to Europe and served with Company A of the 712th
Tank Battalion where he was a Tank Commander.  Marvin Melton was at Bastogne during the
famous surrounding of the 101st Airborne Division by the German Army.  He was wounded when
his tank was hit and suffered burns.  After his release from the hospital he rejoined his unit.  
Melton also served in the Korean War.  He retired after 20 years as a Master Sergeant..  He passed
away on July 25, 1999 at the age of 90.  He suffered from skin cancer that was a result of his
wounds in WWII.  The Veterans Administration denied him medical disability.  When he reached
the age of 65 he was denied use of the Army medical facility.  He did not complain because he
loved the Army and his Country.  Because of your web site being brought to my attention, I had this
award made up.  It is too bad Master Sergeant Melton had not seen it.  He knew that the public
schools did not go into great detail about his wars.  He tried to educate children about them.  He
would have been very proud of you for doing what you are doing.  His wife agrees that this award
should be given to you.
This was sent to me by Mr. Don Melella and Master Sergeant Melton is one of this country's true
Heroes!!! He is what the freedom of this country is all about and I am very proud of this award.  I
would like to thank Mrs. Melton for agreeing to send this.
This award was made for me by Mr. Don
Melella and I would like to thank him very much
for this and the the Melton Award, honored to
receive them both.  Please click on this award
to vist Mr. Melalla's web site and make sure
you tell him that Master Sergeant Melton was a
true Hero!!
This beautiful award is from Kim Thomas-Bowles and she is
a Co-Director of the OJC Webring!!! Please make sure that
you visit Ms. Thomas-Bowles web site.  It is a beautiful tribute
to her dad who is POW/MIA. I pray they bring him home!
This award is from Mr. Palmeri and Mr. Gentile from
American Veteran Search and I met them at Thunder
Alley in Washington, D.C. during Rolling Thunder XIII!!!!
This great award is from Mandy Hinson!!
Thanks Mandy, I love this!!
This wonderful award was prestented to
me by Mr. Miline and Mr. Weasenforth and
then it was retired!!! I am very honored to
have "Nikki's Award" retired after me!!!
Make sure you visit both of their sites
listed on my award!! Thank you both, this
is great!!!!
Thank you very much for this #1 Family Website.  Please
make visit this great web site which tells the story of Eleni!!!
Hey that's me on there!!!! This award is from
Jules Patriotic Pages and it is great!!! Thanks
Jules!!! Make sure you click the award to visit
the Patriotic Pages!!!
This great award is from Mr. Tim Guy and he awarded it
to me on my birthday.  Click the award to visit his POW
pages. Thanks Mr. Guy!!
This great award is from Rhod and
Debby Charles and they sent it to me
on my birthday too. Make sure you
visit their site too!! Thanks Rhod and
On October 14, 2000 I received the Moonduster
Chronicles Recognition Award for the month of
October!!! This is a special honor and I am proud to be
a member of Operation Just Cause.
Operation Just Cause helped me adopt
my 8 POW/MIA's and they are very special
to me. I am learning to build a better world
and I hope that all of you will help me
learn!!! Please visit OJC and adopt a Hero
who never came home. By myself I am
only one, but together we can
I received this great award from Debbe Reynolds and she is the proud wife of a Marine!!!
Thank you Mrs. Reynolds!!! Make sure you visit her site, it is great!!! LittleMac wrote his story
about Ride for the Wall 2000 and Rolling Thunder XIII and it is on Debbe's site, it's a must
I got this great award from the Disco Vet!!! Thanks
Larry!!!! Make sure you visit his discodesigns web site!!!
And this great thank you award I got from IT2
(SW) Michale J. Dunn, USN!!
Thank you so much, I love this great award!!!!
This award is presented to this site by the
Advisory Board of the POW/MIA Freedom
Fighters Organization, for its early and steadfast
commitment to our missing Warriors-2/18/01
I received this beautiful award on
3/8/2001 from Lanice Green.  Make sure
you visit her wonderful site which is
dedicated to her 6 adopted POW/MIA's
and her husband, who is a Vietnam
I received this award from Mark at
ALLVETS for having an excellent web
site!! Thanks ALLVETS!!
I received this award from Tankman!!!
Visit his great site and you can see
pictures of the pilots of the B-29 Enola
Gay!!! Thanks Tankman!!!
In March 2001, I received the Distinguished Military Site Award from
Military.com (like everyone else did)!!! Visit their site though, it's got
great info and a great newsletter!!
I received this great award from Sandy V
(AKA-Freedom Berd!!!) Take a minute and visit
"sighfire" it's a great site!! Thanks Freedom Berd!!!
On May 6, 2001 I received this great
graphic from Matt Collins, a Veteran of
Beirut and Grenada!! He is the webmaster
of beirutveterans.com, a wonderful site to
visit. Thank you Mr. Collins, this graphic is
beautiful!! The quote is from my speech at
Rolling Thunder XIII.
On May 28, 2001, I received this Award of Approval from Sgt.
Mom, with a 21 Gun Salute!!
Thanks, Sgt. Mom!!!
I received this great award from
Polly!! It's a RAOK (Random Acts of
Kindness) and a MAD (Making A
Difference) Award and I love it!!
Make sure you click the award and
visit Polly's great site!!
On May 28, 2001, I was thought of by Mildred, from RAOK!!! Click her graphic to visit her
web site and click the Kindness Award to visit the RAOK web site!!
Being kind makes a better world!!!
Also on May 28, 2001, I received Best Wishes from Wystful1!!!
On May 28, 2001 I received this from
Marlane and this is Great!!! We sure do
still believe in Hero's and every Veteran,
past, present and future is my HERO!!!
This great graphic is from Polly of RAOK!!
She sent me this with a big hug from the
M.A.D. (Making a Difference) Committee
of RAOK!! Thanks Polly!!
I received this wonderful award from Tin
Lizzie on May 29, 2001!! Tin Lizzie has an
adopted POW/MIA too, make sure you
check out Tin Lizzie's site!!
And this great award I received from my
friend Sheri at Roses 4 Vets on June 22,
2001. Sheri has done alot for our Vets too
and I hope you visit her site!!! One of my
other friend's The Armed Turkey, helped
Sheri with this wonderful award!!
I received this great award from the
Angry Skipper on July 7, 2001!! I'm very
proud of this award because I am the first
non-Veteran to receive it!!!
This great graphic, I received for my 13th birthday on July 13, 2001 from Mr. Dave
Haskell. Thanks Mr. Haskell for the beautiful birthday surprise!!
I received this Military Site Award from Mr. Keith Bodine!! Mr. Bodine has
been watching my web site all of the years it's been on the net!!
Thanks Mr. Bodine!!
I received Viper's Top Vet Site Award on July 23, 2001.
 You have to visit Viper's web site, it is great!! Thanks
Viper, I'm proud to receive your Top Vet Site Award!!
This is another wonderful award that I received from  my friend, Mr. Melella,
the Armed Turkey, on behalf of The Firebase Network!!
Thanks Mr. Melella, you're the best!!!
I received this wonderful award from Mr. Bob VanDorn on July 29, 2001,
with the following statement:
"I, Bob VanDorn, hereby award Nikki this Award for her efforts and concerns for her
web page http://www.geocities.com/nlmendicino
Nikki has gone above and beyond her call of duty as an American Patriot. In my eyes
and I am sure many others eyes, you are and American Hero. Thank You Nikki."
Thank you Mr. VanDorn, your award and your words are absolutely beautiful!!! Make
sure you visit Mr. VanDorn's web site, he has some great graphics to use on your
web site!! Thanks Mr. VanDorn!!!
With the award above, Mr. VanDorn sent me this beautiful Award also as his
way to say thank you!! Mr. VanDorn, I need to say thank you to you because I
am very honored to receive both of these awards.  Click this award to visit Mr.
VanDorn's POW/MIA page!! Thanks again, Mr. VanDorn!!
And here is another great award that I
received from Mr. Keith Bodine on August
14, 2001.  Thank you so much Mr. Bodine,
I am very honored to receive two awards
from you!!!
I received this wonderful Web Page
Excellence Award from Mr. George
Tanner, Sr. of Vet1POWMIA with the
following email:
This Award is a token of our appreciation
to Nikki Mendicino for all of her wonderful
accomplishments and support she is to
the Veterans.  This Award is a tribute to
your site for recognizing the POW/MIA
and standing by the Veterans like you do.
You remain my inspiration for youth.  To
all the Veterans today you will always be
the youngest, sweetest Advocate and
voice for our rights.  We could not have a
stronger representation than an inspiring
you lady such as yourself!
Thank you so much Mr. Tanner!! It's email
like this that make me so proud of
everything I have done for our Veterans
and our POW/MIA's!
Click the award to visit Vet1POWMIA!
I received all of these great awards from Mr. Gary Champe and you can click on any of
them to visit his site!! Mr. Champe said to me that if only our elected officials had my
knowledge of what has kept our country free. Mr. Champe, one day they will because
we will be the elected officials of this country and we will care!! Thanks!!
I am very honored to receive this award.  
The RMELIFR Award is from SSgt. Dan
Corbett and he was stationed at CILHI and
just transfered about a month before I
went to Hawaii!! Please visit his web site
to learn about the missions he as been on
to return the remains of our POW/MIA's.
Thanks SSgt. Corbett and a big thank you
for serving our country and for helping
our POW/MIA families!!
And this is another beautiful award that I
received from Mr. Keith Bodine!! Mr.
Bodine was a Door Gunner with the 1st
Cav. Division in Vietnam, please click the
award to visit his site!! Thanks Mr. Bodine,
this is beautiful!!
This wonderful award I received
from Doc Pardue on September 25,
2002.  Please visit Doc Pardue's
Rice Patty Stew and Saigon Tea web
site, it's got a lot of great pictures
and honors everyone that Doc
served as their medic!! God hand
pick his combat medics!! Thanks
I'd like to thank
everyone who
thought my web
site was worthy
of these awards!
I received this great RAOK graphic from
Maica on May 28, 2001. She even
left a little kindness in my guestbook!
Awarded this 7th day of October, 1999, to Nikki. Because at
the tender age of eleven years she has chosen the course
of the Warrior, shown the honor of our beloved Eagle, and
the spirit of a true Patriot, and has worked tirelessly not
only on the Internet but also in her life and community to
demand the return of our Heroes. Nikki has shown that we
can rely on future generations to demand that our Nation
keep its promises to those who give their all to secure our
freedom. She shines like none before her, and will
someday become the light.
This award was presented to me on August 11, 2000 by
Firebase Tennessee. Click the award to visit Firebase.
This is a great honor to have received!
I got this award from Barb. She lives by Washington D.C.
Our freedom has come at a high price and this is a reminder
of that fact. Thanks Barb!
On March 10, 2001 I received this great award from
our brothers, the Australian Vietnam Veterans!
Thank you for your service. Make sure you
visit this great site. They served too!
I received the Aviator's Award of
Excellence from MSgt. Derry Fox on
June 16, 2001. Click the award to
visit Aviator's Airfield.
Thanks MSgt. Fox!
WOW!!! This is my third award from
Mr. Don Melella! This is great - the
Veterans Hero!  And the Veterans
are my heroes too.
Please visit the Armed Turkey and
visit Mr. Melella...