Vietnam War In Memory Plaque
This site honors those who died as a result of their service in the Vietnam War and
therefore, are not eligible to be on The Wall. This site will help us honor &  remember them.
Vietnam Veteran Memorials Around The World
This is a great site that lists every memorial to our Vietnam Veterans.
National Alliance of Families
For the return of America's Missing Servicemen.
Up-to-date info on our POW/MIA's.
Click the banner above to visit all of my friends at CILHI-the Central Identification
Laboratory at Hickman Air Force Base in Hawaii!! In August of 2002, I was very honored to
be able to tour CILHI and I was able to see the remains of our brave service men that are
being identified to be returned home to their families.  The mission of the brave men and
women of CILHI is to search for, recover and identify personnel unaccounted for from
WWII, the Korean War, the Cold War and the Vietnam War.  I was very proud to say that
everywhere at the Lab there was either a POW/MIA Flag or the POW/MIA Emblem!! A
special "Thank You" to Col. Bethke, SSgt. Harris, and SFC Bendele, I am very proud and
very honored to have met all of you.  Thank you for your service to our country and to our
Remember The Forgotten
Visit all of my friends at Remember The Forgotten. They are the best group of people
and are doing everything they can for our Veterans and POW/MIA's.
Mild2Wild Entertainment
Please visit the site of Don Mangus. I will always be thankful to him for sending me
pictures of my POW/MIA Sgt. Arlie Mangus. Check out the great things he's done!
There are other kids out there like me and this site proves it! Please visit Biscuit Boy's
site, find out how he got his name and how much he cares too! Please sign his guestbook.
Iowa's Run to the Run for the Wall
Make sure you visit my friend, Marla. She is the Iowa State Coordinator for RFTW!
Thanks Marla for everything you do for our Veterans and POW/MIA's!
Don't miss Sheri and Roses4Vet's site. Every year on Veterans Day, Sheri buys roses
for our Veterans to say "Thank you and Welcome Home".
(Just don't tell the Armed Turkey I sent you to Sheri's site. :)  )
Spider's Page
Visit our Canadian friends! This is Stephanie's page - a.k.a. Spider.
Her site is a tribute to the Canadian POW/MIA's.
POW/MIA Network
This is a must site for everything about our POW/MIA's.
The official government department of our POW/MIA's
The Joint Task Force Full Accounting site.
Vietnam Casualty Search Page
Search the names listed on The Wall.
Veterans Affairs
The official Department of Veterans Affairs web site.
The VA Network
The VA Stars and Stripes Healthcare Network.
Project Compassion
If you are the immediate family member of someone in the military, then by all means
visit this site!  Artists have volunteered to paint portraits of soldiers in the military for
immediate family members AT NO CHARGE!  There's a gallery of portraits already
done for you to view and you can select the artist you'd like!

A friend of mine, who is a student has done a lot of research for our veterans. His
name is Marco and his dad is an OIF Veteran. Marco has done his senior thesis for
our Veterans, please visit his site!