Welcome to NikkiUSA's links!!! I've got so many web sites that I like to visit and so many friends web sites that I would like you to visit that I thought I would make this page a huge list of just links to sites!! Only a few graphics on here, just web site links and descriptions.  They are in NO certain order, they are just sites that are either very special to me or one's that might help with information!!
Make sure you visit Doc's site, tell him Nikki sent you!! Doc had to be first cause he is one of the very first people who helped with my site!!!
Adopt your own POW/MIA, please help bring them home, visit OJC to find out how!
The site of the National Chapter of Rolling Thunder, find out how you can help our POW/MIA's and our Veterans too!!
Click here to check out all of the State Chapters of Rolling Thunder, maybe there is one near you!!
The Rolling Thunder Rally takes place in Washington D.C. every Memorial Day weekend.  If you have never been there, please visit the Rolling Thunder web site for information.  I could never imagine not being there and I hope that for our Veterans and POW/MIA's that you will join us!
Run For The Wall is another group that is there for Rolling Thunder in D.C.  They make the run the whole way across the country.  Make sure you visit their site for info!
Some of the people with RFTW have a really great message board, hope you check it out!!! I read it every day!!
Captain Michael Scott Speicher may be alive and if he is he is being held by Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Every American should be demanding that Captain Speicher be brought home!! Please visit Captain's Speicher's friends and see what you can do to help bring him home!! After you have visited freescottspeicher.com please sign the online petition that I have started to demand that Captain Speicher be returned, the link for the petition is below!!!
Petition to Free Scott Speicher
Please click above to sign the petition to demand that Captain Michael Scott Speicher be brought back to the USA where he belongs!! We cannot abandon him again!! After you sign the petition, please visit www.jacksonville.com to read all of the articles on Captain Speicher...there are a few articles on me there too and that is an honor!!
This is the official site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.  You can check all of the events taking place in Washington D.C. at The Wall
Here you can look up the names and panel numbers that are on The Wall.
This is a great place for information on The Wall.  You can look up a name, leave a remembrance, look up events and even participate in chats.
This is a wonderful organization and I am an honorary member!! Please visit VietNow's web site and tell them Nikki sent you!!
You must visit It's just a Nam thing and make sure you order the CD "It's Just a Nam Thing" too!! Mr. Dane Brown tells it like it is and he is one proud Marine!!! Semper Fi Mr. Brown!!!
Visit all of my friends at Beirut Veterans of America!
And then make sure you visit Mr. Tom Tanney and all of my Marine Corps friends at Operation Arlington Ridge, Semper Fi!!
Speaking of Marines, you have to visit Sgt. Grit's, make sure you check out the message board!!
This is another great place for information on The Wall.  You can get The Wall on CD and place a memorial too.
Make sure you visit the Moving Wall site too and see if it will be in your area.
Make sure you visit my friend Bud's site! But is the first Internet Veteran that I got to meet in person and he's from the great state of Pennsylvania too!!!
weezie's foxhole
You have to visit Weezie too!! Weezie is the first Women Veteran that I met!! She came to my school for Veterans Day and she became "Our Weezie!"
armed turkey
And you have to visit my friend the Armed Turkey!! He has a wonderful site and there is even a poem written about me on his site and now pictures of me too!!
You must visit Viper's Vietnam Veterans page too! It's another one of the best sites that I like to visit!!
You have to check out my friend Sasha's site!! She is a writer, an actress, and just does everything, even rides a great bike!!
If you have never been to see the Wall in Washington D.C., then go to View the Wall, it's a great site!
Vietnam Veterans Day Petition
Please sign this petition to give our Vietnam Veterans the Welcome Home that they all deserve!!
There are other kids out there like me and this site will prove it!!! Please visit Biscuit Boy's site, find out how he got his name and how much he cares too!! Sign his guestbook and let him know you were there!! Thanks Biscuit Boy!!!
WWII Memorial
Please visit the official site of the National WWII Memorial, to honor "The Greatest Generation."  The Memorial will be dedicated on May 29, 2004!
Vietnam War In Memory Plaque
Also please visit the site of the In Memory Plaque, to honor those who died as a result of their service in the Vietnam War. They are not eligible to be on The Wall and this plaque will help us honor and remember them!
Vietnam Veteran Memorials around the World
This is a great site that lists every Memorial to our Vietnam Veterans!!
National Alliance of Families
For the return of America's Missing Servicemen. This is a wonderful site for up to date info on our POW/MIA's.
Remember the Forgotten
Visit all of my friends at Remember The Forgotten.  They are the best group of people and they are doing everything they can for our Veterans and our POW/MIA's!!
Click the banner above to visit all of my friends at CILHI-the Central Identification Laboratory at Hickman Air Force Base in Hawaii!! In August of 2002, I was very honored to be able to tour CILHI and I was able to see the remains of our brave service men that are being identified to be returned home to their families.  The mission of the brave men and women of CILHI is to search for, recover and identify personnel unaccounted for from WWII, the Korean War, the Cold War and the Vietnam War.  I was very proud to say that everywhere at the Lab there was either a POW/MIA Flag or the POW/MIA Emblem!! A special "Thank You" to Col. Bethke, SSgt. Harris, and SFC Bendele, I am very proud and very honored to have met all of you.  Thank you for your service to our country and to our POW/MIA's!!
Mild2Wild Entertainment
Please visit the site of Don Mangus!! I will always be thankful to him for sending me the pictures of my adopted POW/MIA Sgt. Arlie Mangus! Check out all of the great things he has done!!
Iowa's Run to the Run For The Wall
Make sure you visit my friend Marla!! She is the Iowa State Co-ordinator for RFTW!! Thanks Marla for everything that you do for our Veterans and our POW/MIA's!!
Don't miss Sheri and Roses4Vets site!! Every year on Veterans Day Sheri has roses for our Veterans to say thank you and welcome home!! Just don't tell the Armed Turkey that I sent you to Sheri's site!!!! ;-)
Spider's Page
You have to visit our Canadian Friends!!! This is Stephanie's page (aka Spider!!) and she has a tribute to the Canadian POW/MIA's!!
Hepatitis C Awareness
Our Veterans with Hepatitis C need our help!! Visit their site to see what you can do!! Check out the March on D.C. page, I was there trying to help!!!
POW/MIA Network
This is a must site for everything about our POW/MIA's
The VA Network
The VA Stars and Stripes Healthcare Network
The official government department of our POW/MIA's
The Joint Task Force Full Accounting site.
Search POW/MIA Database
Search the Library of Congress Database on our POW/MIA's
Veteran Affairs
The Official Departmen of Veterans Affairs web site
This list is no way complete and it may never be!! This is a just the start of my new links page and I will keep adding to it!! I hope you found some sites that you liked or maybe some information that you were looking for!! If any of the links don't work, or I forgot your link please send me an email at:  nikki@nikkiusa.com
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