And here are the pics with everyone else......Big John, Doyle and Cuzn Bob, three of my
favorite Marines!!! Janna and my guys from Evick and CC and Rikki and Bobby and Rat
and Cuzn Doug and Cuzn Brian and all the fun times!
Natalie, me and Big John back in 2005!
And us again in 2006!
How could you not love Big John??? Us in 2007!
Hugs from Big John in 20008!!
Natalie, me, Big John and my roomies on my
birthday in 2008!!
Me and Natalie getting goodbye hugs!!
More pics from 2008!!
Me and my cousin Leah with Big John in 2008!
All of the next pictures are of Doyle, the love of my life!!! I'm not even going to try and title them all, there are
so many that I don't think I could!!! ;-)
So, this is what really goes on learn to play golf!!! Doyle thought I was funny!!!
Me and Cuzn Bob, another one of my favorite Marines!!
Rikki, CC and Bobby!!!
The above five pics are all with Janna and she is the greatest!!!
It's me and Pete and the Army too!!
And it's me and Chuck!!
Me and Rob!!
It's me and RayRay....he loves me!! LOL
It's me and Rat......the greatest bus driver in the world!!!
It's Cuzn Doug and Cuzn Brian!!
I just love these guys!!
Keep checking back cause I'm sure I'll have more Bret pics soon!!!