MAY 30, 2004
This year's Rolling Thunder was really, really hectic!! But, as hectic as it was, Rolling
Thunder is always the best!!! I wasn't able to get to D.C. until Saturday this year, when we
usually arrive on Friday (my high school prom was on Friday) and since we lost a day it  
made everything that much more busier!! No matter what, this is always the best event
ever and if you've never been there, I hope you make 2005 the year that you will join us!!
I was up really early this year because Rolling Thunder had a lot of interviews and media
events scheduled for me.  I arrived at the Pentagon parking lot at 7:00 a.m. and headed
straight for the VIP area to do my interviews!!
One of the many, many interviews that I
did before the run!
While I was in the VIP area, I thought I would do some visiting!!
Here I am with Mr. Adrian Cronauer, the
voice of Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam!!!
Mr. Cronauer is now an assistant with the
Then I ran into Miss America 2000,
Heather French Henry and her dad,
Vietnam Veteran Ron French!!
You could never go to a Rolling Thunder event in Washington D.C. and miss Paul Revere
and his wife Sydney!!
I'm sure that most of you recognize these!!! This is the POW/MIA bike and the Firefighters
bike made by the infamous Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey.....the guys from Orange County
And there they are...Paul Sr. and
Paul Jr.
And of course Mikey too!!!
And of course our boots were walking
all over the Pentagon parking lot with
Ms. Nancy Sinatra!
Make sure you visit her web site...
I'm on the front page!
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Another visitor to the Rolling Thunder
parking lot was Ms. Connie Stevens!