Rolling Thunder 2000
Memorial Day Weekend, 2000
I became an honorary Jr. Member of Rolling Thunder, rode in the Rolling Thunder parade
(THANKS Mr. Mendes!) and one of my proudest moments was when  I spoke at the
Reflecting Pool during the Rally!   I met so many wonderful people and made so many new
friends!!!!!  This weekend was very, very special to me and these pictures could never, ever
fully explain how much everyone there means to me!!! It was my honor to be with such a
great group (and a very BIG group) of people.  A special THANKS to Mr. Muller and Mr.
Mendes for everything they did for me, you guys are the best!!!
5/27/2000-It's OFFICIAL!!!!!
This is me and the National Chapter Vice
President of Rolling Thunder, John
Mendes.  He introduced me and
presented me with my "official" Rolling
Thunder jacket, which I wear with
PRIDE!!!! Thank you Mr. Mendes for
everything and the ride too!!!!
It was the best!!!
5/28/2000-The Pentagon Parking Lot!!!!!
This is the first sight I saw when we got to the lot!!!
And what a sight it was!!!!
Miss America Heather French, me and John Mendes!!!!
Meeting Miss America was very special for me.  Her dad is a disabled Vietnam Veteran
and she is trying to help all of the Veterans causes. Thanks Miss America!!!
She was so special that I had to give her a hug!!!!!
Miss America on her bike!!!!
And that's her dad too!!!!
Let the Thunder be heard so everyone knows that
my Heroes need to be brought home NOW !!!!
See?  I told you I was there!!
One of many, riding for those who can't because they are not home yet!! I hope the Thunder
was so loud that it gave Bill Clinton a WAKE UP CALL and a headache!!!!
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