These pictures were sent to me by Mr. Patrick Hughes, the photographer at Rolling Thunder 2000!! They are so beautiful that I had to add them to my web site!!! Thank you Mr. Hughes, these pictures are the best!!! Please make sure that you visit Mr. Hughes' web site to see the great work that he does!!!!! There is a link at the bottom of this page to visit his site!!!
This is Mr. Artie Muller and Mr. John Mendes the President and Vice President of the National Chapter of Rolling Thunder!!! This was taken on Saturnday, before the run, at the Holiday Inn in Crystal City. They were presenting awards to the members of Rolling Thunder for all of the hard work they have done to bring our POW/MIA's home!!! I was sitting in the crowd and pretty excited to be there!!!
This is Mr. Mendes introducing me to the members of Rolling Thunder and what an introduction it was!!!!
And then Mr. Mendes presented me with my colors and I can't even tell you what it meant to me to become and honorary member of Rolling Thunder!!!
I wear my jacket proudly and I am even prouder to explain to people what it means. To me, it is my way of showing everyone that Rolling Thunder will continue through all of the generations to come!!!!
Then it was my turn to say "thank you" and  I was more thankful than anyone there could ever have known!!!
And of course there I am right on the back of Mr. Mendes bike!!!! I certainly look like I belong there!!!! Believe me, I can't even tell you what it meant to me to be there!!!
This is Miss America 2000, Heather French and her dad!! Since Rolling Thunder, I have been with Miss America a few times and she really is every Veterans daughter!!! Thank you Ms. French for always taking the time to talk to me about how important it is to stand up for our Veterans and our POW/MIA's!!!
This is Miss America, giving her speach at the Reflecting Pool!!!
This is me sitting at the Rally listening to Miss America's speech.  This is one of my mom's favorite pictures!!! The rally was just as great as riding in on Mr. Mendes' Bike!!! I met so many wonderful people and I enjoyed listening to what everyone had to say. If we all work together and do what is right, someday our POW/MIA's will be brought back to the United States where they belong!!
Then it was my turn and after my first line when I told all of the Veterans "Welcome Home" everything that I was nervous about was gone and I knew that what I had to say was important and it had to be told!!! My generation will care, we will remember and we WILL bring them home!!!
I have to thank Mr. Mendes for taking care of Powmia  Bear for me, he did a great job!!!!
And this is me and my mom after I was done speaking.  You can always tell my mom, because she will always have her cameras in her hand!!! Everyone was telling me how proud they were of me and you can tell how proud my mom and I were too!!! But it is everyone that was there that I was really proud ot!!!
These pictures are really great and I would like to thank Mr. Hughes for sending them to me, so I can share them with you!!! I would also like to thank Mr. Muller, Mr. Mendes and all of the members of Rolling Thunder for allowing me to be a part of something so special to me.  Never did I ever think that I would be a member of Rolling Thunder, be able to ride in from the Pentagon or speak at the Reflecting Pool. I am so honored that just a "thank you" will never seem enough.  I will never forget............
Make sure you visit Mr. Hughes' web site by clicking his graphic below.  He is a great photographer and is pictures are wonderful!!!!
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