We went up the street street to the Bagel
Cafe and I got my picture taken with
"their" Dave holding the bagels of the day!!
And since we didn't have time to
see the Statue of Liberty either,
we did the next best thing here
too.  We went to the souvenir
store beside the Bagel Cafe
(check out the Dave picture) and
I got my picture taken by their
Statue of Liberty!!
Then we headed to Times Square!! If you look close
at the picture below you will see the MTV studios!!
The MTV logo is in the window!! The police had part
of the street below blocked off because a ton of
fans were watching Carson Daly who was in the
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It was time to head to Hard Rock Cafe (I just had to go there) to meet Sasha and
there she is with me (check out the Janis picture above our table!!).  Sasha lives
in New York City and she is a writer, a photograher, an actress, a model and the
founder of www.bikerlady.com (You GO Sasha!!) and we met at Rolling Thunder
XIII when she did a story on Rolling Thunder for American Rider magazine!! It
was so great to be able to see her again and I was really, really glad that she
came to meet us and go to Hard Rock Cafe with us!! We stayed there for a long
time and we had a blast!! Sasha even bought me a Hard Rock Cafe shirt to
remember my trip!! She is great and we had so much fun with her!!! Thanks