On July 21, 1999, I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Mangus, Sgt. Mangus' mother.  She
asked me if I would participate in the opening ceremonies of The Moving Wall, in
Tarentum, PA, on behalf of her family.  During the roll call of the 95 local names that are
on The Wall, I honored Sgt. Mangus by placing a white carnation on Panel 02W-Line 61
when his name was read. Mrs. Mangus is truly a wonderful, sincere person. We owe her
answers, we owe her 19-year-old son's life to her. She deserves this.
Thank you Mrs. Mangus for the sacrifice that you have made for my freedom.
Sgt. Arlie R. Mangus-BRING HIM HOME!
This is me getting the carnation as
Sgt. Mangus' name was being read.
Placing the carnation at
Panel 02W
On July 22, 1999 my picture was on the front page of our local paper.  The caption in
the paper described how Mrs. Mangus asked me to honor her son.  I cut the picture
from the paper, put it in a plastic cover and placed it at Panel 02W of The Moving Wall
along with this rosary for Sgt. Mangus.
This is Mrs. Mangus laying the POW/MIA
wreath at the opening ceremony.

Below: Panel 2W  Line 61
September 1999

Sergeant Mangus:

My name is Nikki, I am 11 years old and I live in Pennsylvania, by your hometown. I came to
Washington because I wanted to see the Wall and to visit you. You don't know me, but you
are my Special adopted POW/MIA.  In July I got the chance to meet your mother.  She is a
wonderful person and we write to each other.  She asked me if I would honor you at the
Moving Wall and when your name was read I placed a white carnation at Panel 2W.  She
misses you and is very proud of you. I have a web page dedicated to you and I wear a
bracelet with your name on it every day. I brought you a copy of my web page, a picture of
your mother and one of me that was in our local paper. I thought you might like to have
these. I wanted to leave you something to show that I care.  My heart goes out to your
family and I pray for you every day.  Someday, I hope they bring you home!

I will not forget you,
I have carved you in the palm of my hand....................Isaiah 49:15

Nikki Mendicino
This is the letter I left for Sgt. Mangus at The Wall
Washington D.C.  9/5/99
Sgt. Arlie R. Mangus
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UPDATE; In December, 2007 Mrs. Mae Mangus passed away....only
in death did she find out the truth about her son!