There was another guest speaker at the dedication too and this is where I met Mr. Abie Abraham, a true American Hero!!  Mr. Abraham was captured on December 24, 1941, he is a survivor of the Bataan Death March.  He spent three years in a Japanese prison camp and has written two books about being a POW.  Today, he is 87 years old and he still is a volunteer at the VA Center.  I am so glad that I met Mr. Abraham, we write to each other all of the time and I am very proud to call him my friend!
At the end of the dedication, they threw wreaths off of the Veterans Bridge into the river. One for each branch of the military.
I was so glad that I dedicated my speech to Sgt. Arlie Mangus because when the dedication was over the first person waiting for me was Mrs. Mangus and I didn't even know that she was there the whole time I was speaking. But I am really glad that she was!!!
<-- And there I am, standing in front of the flag pole with the POW/MIA Flag that I proudly presented to the Boro of Ford City, my grandma's hometown!
Here is a great shot of the old bridge that they imploded and a shot on the Veterans Bridge with the old bridge in the background.  If you look close on the new bridge you can see the POW/MIA Flag!!
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