In support of
our Veterans,
our troops and
our POW/MIA's
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Welcome to NIKKIUSA......right outside of Pittsburgh, PA
For over 10 years now, I have been involved in the issues of our
Veterans, our troops and our POW/MIA's. I have proudly earned the
title of "The World's Youngest Veteran Advocate" and "Every
Veterans Kid Sister"

In 1998, while still in elementary school, I met a decorated WWII
Veteran who landed at Utah Beach on D-Day. His name was John
Kridlo and he will always be very special to me. I really didn't
understand what D-Day was, but it sounded important so I said
"Thank You" to Mr. Kridlo. Because of him and the stories that he
shared with me, I began to learn about what our Veterans went
through to protect our country. I learned about those who gave the
ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and I learned about those who
never came home. The more I visited Mr. Kridlo, the more
Veterans that I met and it is through their stories, that they have
shared with me over these many years, that I have learned. They
taught me about the 58,260 men and women who are on The Wall
and about those listed as POW/MIA.  Because of these stories and
what our Veterans have shared with me, I decided to do all that I
can for our Veterans who are still fighting for benefits that they
have earned by serving and sacrificing for our country, for our
troops who are protecting our freedom today and for those who
were abandoned on foreign shores.
A friend to all Vets and Proud of it
Today, 10 years after I started, I have one more year of college
until I graduate. Of course I attend school in the Washington DC
area and I am majoring in Government and International Politics.
For these past ten years, I have promised our Veterans that I will
make a difference for them and I have no intentions of letting
them down!! Please help my generation learn!! It's not that we
don't care it's that we don't know. Through your stories, we will
one day lead this nation with great pride and dignigty!
I would be honored to be considered to attend and/or speak at
your event. For more information, please click the "Invite Me" dog
tag above and to the left.
Most of you that have been with me all of these years know that
my web site is a work in progress that I never get to update as
much as I would like to! This time, I am going to work backwards
and try to put up new events and info first and then link my older
pages. I don't always have time to get done what I would like to, so
I hope you don't mind if my updating takes me a while!! Bear with
me if a link here or there doesn't work......I'm still updating!!
God Bless you, God Bless the USA and Godspeed to the troops
who have been called to defend our nation!
Where is Captain
MIchael Scott
The homecoming
of SSGT. Keith
Matthew Maupin
because love
never loses its
way home!
Captured in Iraq
April 9, 2004
Killed in Captivity
Known only to God