I was busily writing another poem, when suddenly I started writing a different one...for Nikki. I don't know where it came from, I hadn't intended it, I wasn't even thinking of her at the time, but the words just flowed as the tears fell.
Nikki Mendicino
Embodies a veterans most valuable credo
She makes olde hearts pump with red blood glad
Men coming out of that tempest tossed war so sad
Nikki's a shining symbol before the cause
Whose great service gives reflective pause...
Nikki's compassion for sacrifice
Is a light thrilling veterans through and through
For those who answered the call
And paid the price
Fell before fates
Roll of the dice
Nikki helps heal still inflamed wounds
Like a poultice.
Nikki leads a courageous parade
Her glory in honor valiantly made
Her shining patriotism
Is nothing short of heroism!
Nikki stands tall as our veteran's spokesman
All applaud this blessed, chosen one.
For veterans need there to be understanding
From war's history a learning...
A contemplating...
A discerning...
Many are still struck heartsick
From a war that left veterans but to cry
Forever asking the eternal question why?
Why did so many have to fight and die?
In war's gory aberrations...
Affecting untold generations...
That in it's horror rocked nations...
Too long veterans looked longingly
Too often forlornly
Looking back to following generations
Seeking hope in patriotic affirmations...
Too often found there no consolations...
Then came brave Nikki to lead the way
Helping heal soldiers from that heated fray
For our missing in action
Nikki shows unexcelled passion
From one young in years a touching, glowing reaction...
Nikki stands before our people to ardently teach
Reaching those,
Veterans sometimes find so hard to reach
Standing before her generation to beseech
Standing so tall and so proud
For learning...
For understanding...
To bring them all home...
So tired and all alone...
Veterans owe Nikki
From deep in our hearts a Thank You!
For our nations future she has helped to imbue
Her inspiration stains olde hearts
Red, white and blue
The memory of brave Nikki hold deep,
Close in those hearts we'll always keep...
This wonderful poem was written for me by Mr. Gary Jacobson who has one the best web sites I know.  It's called the Vietnam Picture Tour and his stories and pictures are so powerful that you almost feel like you are right there with him when he served!! Make sure you visit the link below to visit the "Vietnam Picture Tour." Thanks Mr. Jacobson, you're poem is absolutely beautiful!!!
Walk "the park" in Vietnam, with combat pictures and poems of war reality that'll leave the sweet and sour taste of "the Nam" spicy on your tongue, the pungent smell of "the Nam" acrid in your nostrils, caustic textures of "the Nam" imbedded in you as though you walked beside me in combat with the First Air Cavalry. Marines, Airborne, Rangers, Special Forces, the Americal, 1st Infantry, 9th Infantry and Wolfhounds of the 25th Infantry Divisions, are also featured from the lens and poet's pen of a combat infantryman whose walked the walk and can talk the talk.....get an "upclose and personal" feel for this Southeast Asian war.
Welcome to my "Vietnam Picture Tour!" I'm Specialist Fourth Class, Gary Jacobson, a combat infantryman with B Company, 2nd of the 7th, First Air Calvary in Vietnam....we call ourselves Grunts. This tour is ten pages...but you don't expect to live forever, do you???
These are the first two paragraphs from Mr. Jacobson's Vietnam Picture Tour, make sure you visit his web site to read the rest of the story (I told you it was powerful!!). Thanks so much Mr. Jacobson for the poem, it is very special to me!!