Nikki's Grand Angels
by scoutgunnersgirl

  If you listen very closely,
  You'll hear angels up above,
  Telling you, sweet Nikki,
  They're with the ones you love.
Your Grands are very busy now,
  They're learning many things.
  With angels busy coaching them,
  On how to earn their wings:)
When "Angel Class" is over,
  And they soar on hallowed wing,
  They'll reign peace and grace upon us,
  And touch every living thing.
They have a special job to do,
  Though you may not know it yet,
  They plan to deliver kisses
  To the cheek of every Vet:)
When they complete this mission,
  They'll be there by your side,
  To help you see your dream come true,
  To restore our Veteran's pride.
Do not despair, sweet Nikki,
  Hear the angels up above,
  They are telling you in many ways,
  That you are truly loved.

created by larrynamvet
Created by larrynamvet