In 2000, I had the opportunity to attend an
Al Gore Rally and personally hand him a letter...
This was my ticket to see
Vice President Al Gore.
It's red because my mom got
me VIP seating!
This is Congressman Klink and he
stopped to talk to me.
He was very nice to me and my mom and
dad tell me that he is a very good
politician. They are both going to vote
for Congressman Klink!
And there he was!  I had front row seats
and my letter ready and waiting!
When he went to leave he did stop to talk
to me!!! He told me that he liked my hat
and I gave him my letter. My mom asked
him if he was going to read it and he told
her that of course he would!  Well.....
This is the letter that I gave to Vice President Al Gore. I put the letter in his hand myself!!!
Just like I said in my speech at the Rolling Thunder Rally in Washington, D. C. "I never did
get a response to my letter. I guess that's one of my first lessons in politics." Or maybe
it's because I mentioned our Veterans and our POW/MIA's, who knows!!!
Mr. Gore, if you ever see this page, I am still waiting and so are our Veterans and our
POW/MIA's, is your silence your answer???
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