Before I get to the Christmas Formal pictures, just thought you might like to see the first "official" photo's before the "first" official formal!
Ok guys, this is Nikki and Mace and I guess these are now the first official photo's!  Now onto the Formal.....
Springdale's Christmas Formal
December 13, 2003
Hope you're sitting down....
......cause here she is!!
Check out the American Flag and the Pow Flag on the tree...there are two POW/MIA bracelets on there too!
Ok, I guess this turns out to be the first Formal "official" photo of Nikki and Mace!
Here's another great one for you....Nikki and her TWIN brother Nathan!! Guess my two oldest have grown up!
And these are Nathan's first "official" Formal photo's! I'm sure by that look on Nathan's face that Natalie had a blast cause that's typical Nathan!
Don't they look beautiful???
Jen, Natalie, Nikki and Kerry
Jen, Kerry, Natalie, Nathan, Nikki and Mace
Now just how many of them do you think it took to figure out this flower thing??? It only took one...ME!!
Then it was off to Mace's house before the dance and you know, his mom made him smile! Kinda breaks that football player edge huh??  ;-)
The Fantastic Four!
Jen, Nikki, Kerry and Julie!
And the best for last...what memories and what a bunch of great kids!!!
My two oldest, all grown up!
Natalie, Nathan, Nikki and Mace
Springdale's Christmas Formal 2003