This page is going to be Just Nikki pictures!! Things I do at home, being in the greatest city in the
world, Pittsburgh, going to concerts or the Pirate games and things that are just me!! Keep checking
back, you never know when I will have new pics up here!!
All of us from Transfiguration School with
our bus driver.....she drove us every day for
7 years!!! And she lived through our
brothers and sister too!!
The Mendicino and Schramm
families!! All graduates of
Transfiguration School!!
I miss my TRC Cheerleaders and Pep Clubbers!!
Me and Natalie in New York City-November 2008
Give it up for the Springsteen Tribute Band!
The Mendicino grandgirls!!
All the Mendicino grandkids, minus
two and the only Mendicino
Me and Jonathan Cook again!! I'm
telling you, check out FTSK!!
And of course what we are really like!!
Me and Natalie at Arlington
February 2009
Keep checking back often, I'll be adding new pictures!!
The American Presidency!