I told everyone how proud I was to have a Veterans Memorial in my state!! I also told them
that a Veteran is an American Treasure but like so many things in our history the Vetean
has been forgotten.
Everyone started laughing and cheering when I told them the story about putting a letter in
Al Gore's and George W. Bush's hand that I had to laugh too!!
I even got a standing ovation!!
After my speech, the Governor kept telling me how great he thought it was!!!
There were a few other speakers after me and
then the Governor gave his Keynote Address.  The
very first thing he said surprised me and I would
like to share it with you, word for word!!
"Nikki, I'm sure glad they had a couple of my
friends in the legislature speak between your very
powerful and appropriate remarks and myself
because following you would have been a real
task.  That is probably one of the finest salutes to
Veterans that I have ever heard from anybody, of
any age, at anytime."  I was very proud!!!

During the Governor's address, he told everyone
that he was glad to be able to share the spotlight
on this day and then he said, "No, I don't even
share the spotlight today, because Nikki you've got
it all."  At the end of his address he said, "And I
would ask my friend Nikki and everyone up here to
come with me and let's plant a sign."  We didn't
actually break the gound, instead we planted a
sign that says "Now Under Construction"
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