POW/MIA 2000
On September 16, 2000 I participated in the Vietnem Veterans, Inc. Vigil, but this year it was a little different. Rolling Thunder PA Chapter 4 held a "Freedom Run" from Indiana the whole way to Point State Park in Pittsburgh for the Vigil and we made the run too!!!
This is at the Indiana Courthouse and we are just beginning the Run.  I made a very special speech that day!! I told everyone to get involved because together we can make a difference!
And there is the whole group in Indiana, PA before the run and the Indiana County Commisioners too!!
Once we got to Point State Park, the VVI POW/MIA Vigil began and this is the
VVI opening the ceremony!!!
I got to make a speech at the opening ceremony, but if you look at the picture very closely, it started pouring down rain right in the middle of my speech!!!
That didn't stop me though, everyone ran for cover and I stood there and finished my speech!! Mr. Dugan put his coat around me and stayed with me too!!!
Then for the next 26 hours everyone takes a turn at holding the American Flag and keeping watch at the post!!! This is my favorite park ranger, Mr. Devlin!!
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