And these are some pictures of me on stage from C-Span.
If you can't make it to Rolling Thunder
personally, the next best thing to do is
watch it on C-Span.
Rolling Thunder is held each Memorial
Day weekend...but Rolling Thunder's
committment to our Veterans isn't
limited to one weekend per year...
they're committed to helping our
Veterans and POW/MIA's 365 days a year!
The Rally was the best and I
was very proud and honored to
be a part of Rolling Thunder
XIV.  Following the Rally, Paul
Revere and the Raiders took the
stage and played all the great
songs from "Ride To The Wall".
(You really have to get this CD!
It's awesome!)
Because Sgt. Muller and Mr. Mendes
have always supported me and because
they are so important to me, the last thing
we did before we left was to present
each of them with a special pen I had
made that has the POW/MIA letters on it.
Thanks so much Sgt. Muller, Mr. Mendes
and Rolling Thunder Natonal  for allowing
me to be a part of Rolling Thunder.


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