MAY 29, 2005
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Rolling Thunder XVIII
One of the greatest sights at Rolling Thunder is one Marine, who stands on 23rd Street and
holds a salute during the whole run to honor those that served before him. He is one of the
greatest Marines that I know and his pride in being a Marine and in serving his country shows
in everything that he does!!
Me and SSgt. Tim just can't help but love this Marine!!!
SSgt. Chambers calls me the Motivator, but I really think that he has way more motivation
than I do!!! I keep trying to convince SSgt. Chambers to move to Pennsylvania to run for the
Senate...he keeps telling me that he can't leave the Marine Corps because he would have
nothing to wear!!!
If I know SSgt. Chambers he will never, ever leave the Corps!! I am almost positive that he will
become the oldest active duty Marine!!!
This is me and Gary Marut!!! He is the father of Spc. Daniel Marut who presented me with his
Good Conduct Medal at Rolling Thunder 16!! Daniel is in Iraq, right now and he will be home
soon!!! I got word that I will get to see him again next year at Rolling Thunder 19!!! We are
proud of Spc. Marut and I can't wait to see him again!
Major Marton was also at Rolling Thunder 16, but  in a wheel chair recovering from injuries
he received in the hand grenade attack in Kuwait.  Major Marton told everyone that he would
be back at Rolling Thunder to ride his bike in the run and that is exactly what he did this year!!!
Major Marton and one of our great soldiers who came to Rolling Thunder
from Walter Reed Hospital!!