MAY 27, 2007
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Rolling Thunder XX
Let the Thunder be heard
Rolling Thunder XX-May 27, 2007
2007 was the 20th Anniversary of Rolling Thunder and my 8th year
attending. The following pages are my pictures from Rolling Thunder 20
and as I always say, you have to be at Rolling Thunder to fully
understand the meaning of these pictures!!
Jerry was the first person I
saw this year when I got to
the hotel!! He represents
the POW/MIA in the tiger
cage and he will always be
very special to me!
Me with John, the
greatest security
guy I know!!
And it's me with the
Cobb's.....two of my
favorite members of
With the founder of
Rolling Thunder, Sgt.
Artie Muller!
Me with Sgt. Muller again!!
And then it was off to
see our Moms!! And a
hug from the Moms is
always the best!!
She can always put a
smile on my face
cause you know we
love our Moms!!
LittleMac if you ever
see this picture it's
just for you!! It's me
and Stump from
After all the great greetings we were off to the annual Oscar "Woody"
Wood Fish Fry with some really great people!!