Dedication of the Veterans Bridge
July 29, 2000-Ford City, PA
My aunt was on the new Veterans Bridge Committee in Ford City, PA and she told the committee that she had the perfect speaker for the dedication ceremony, ME!!!!! My aunt told my mom that they were going to fly the American Flag, the flags of every branch of the military and the POW/MIA Flag 24/7, but she told my mom that they had not gotten a POW/MIA Flag yet. My mom told my aunt not to worry because she knew that I could get them a very special one!! I called up my friends at the American Legion, Dept. of PA and asked them if they could send me a special POW/MIA Flag, like the one they presented to me and I had it over night!!! On July 27th, 2000 I presented the Ford City Boro Council President with a 4'X6' POW/MIA Flag that had flown over Soldier's Grove at the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg, PA along with a special certificate from PA Governor, Tom Ridge!!! I was one of the first people allowed on the bridge and for the newspaper photographers we stood up on the railing by the flag pole!!! And if you look behind me, you can see it's a long drop down and everyone was making sure I didn't fall!!! The POW/MIA Flag flies proudly on the Veterans Bridge, 24/7!!!!!
On July 29, 2000 we started the dedication off with a huge parade from Ford City's Boro Building all the way to the Bridge!!!  We met my aunt and she asked where I wanted to ride in the parade. She kept telling me that I could ride the special "bus" with all of the Council people but I didn't think so!!! I looked around to see where I wanted to go and that's when I saw Rolling Thunder, PA Chapter 4 (Ken and Katie) and that's where I headed!!! Ken and Katie had their grandchildren with them and we all rode together in a very special place!!!
Right on the top of Ken and Katie's great POW/MIA Van!!!!! You couldn't get a
better place than this!!!
And there's mom and me in front of Ken and Katie's van!!!
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