Today there is, and perhaps there always will be, conflict in the world. But the United States fortunately enjoys peace and freedom.
     Like other things of great value, this security did not come cheaply. Part of the cost has already been paid by Americans who answered the call to military duty when their country needed them. They served in eleven wars from the Revolution to the Persian Gulf, earning the special distinction "Veteran".
     But, another part of freedom's cost must continue to be paid long after the guns have been silenced.  This debt is owed to America's Veterans.
     Some need their country's help, just as their country once needed theirs, to readjust, to recover from wounds or to overcome hardships of age and infirmity. Most need and ask nothing in repayment of their sacrifices.
     Let us continue to help those Veterans in need with the greatest possble compassion and efficiency. To the rest, since they ask no special help, we can best pay tribute this day by recognizing what they have achieved and joining them in their resolve to keep America strong and free.
This is the Officer in Charge of my local Post Office.  On behalf of the school I accepted a framed "Honoring Those Who Served" Stamp. It is now proudly
hanging in my school!
Below right: This is me and Commander Willison (again), this time at my school. The VFW presented me with all of the things they gave me at the ceremony. I was so glad that they came to my school too!  Their Color Guard
presented the Colors and it was just beautiful!
My "adopted" Post!

Below: This is the Tarentum VFW Post 5758 Ladies Auxiliary!
Brenda, Linda and Etta
I love these ladies, they are so great to me!!!!!!
I got called to the microphone one more time, but this time I didn't know by who!!!! When my principal called me up the next thing I heard was that "Louise Hoover" would like to present something to Nikki! I was so surprised (mom didn't even tell me she was coming) and I was so excited.  This was "our Weezie"!!!!!!!!! We had never met before, only through the Internet. She presented me, on behalf of her American Legion Post and Operation Just Cause, a POW/MIA shirt, a desk flag, a magnet and I was so proud!!! I couldn't believe that I got to meet her!!! Thank you so much Weezie, I am so glad I met you and I am very proud of you!!!
Weezie made this snow globe for me, and I just love it!!!!!!! This is me Mr. Kridlo and Mr. Trestan at the PA SouthWestern Veterans Center!  They couldn't make it to the school this year and I
really missed them!
Thank you so much Weezie!!!!!
This is me and Weezie outside the school, ready to say goodbye. I am so glad she came and that I got to meet her!!
Thanks Weezie!
This is the mother of Sgt. Arlie Robert Mangus, my special adopted POW/MIA. It meant so much to me that she came because she is my "adopted" POW/MIA mother!
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