September 14, 2000
I was asked by the PA Departement of Veterans and Military Affairs if I would participate in
the groundbreaking of the new PA Veterans Memorial on September 14, 2000.  I was so
honored to be at this ceremony for the first Veterans Memorial in my state!!! And I got to
meet Governor Tom Ridge for the first time!!! When he came up on the stage he told me
that it was about time that he got to meet me!!!
This is Governor Tom Ridge, me and Brigadier General John Patten is standing behind me.
Governor Ridge is wonderful, he supports our Veterans and is a decorated Vietnam
Veteran too!!! I'm glad that President Bush didn't pick him to be Vice President because we
get to keep him right here in PA.
And there we are for the Opening Ceremony!!
My favorite American Legion Department Adjutant, Stanley Reinhard is the Chairman of the
PA Veterans Memorial and he got to introduce me too!!
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