As I said on the previous page, I met Bret Michaels in July of 2001 and have been very
good friends with him ever since!! I can't tell you how many shows I've been too, how
many times I got to be with them or how many pics I now have, but it's a lot!! These pics
are in no particular order and some might be older and some might be newer, but I
wanted to share them!! This first page is just Bret!! Love, Peace and POISON!!
Me and Bret onstage-2004
Pinky swear and I'll never tell!!
Let me tell you about the real Rock of Love!!
2007 again!!
Rockin' with my boy!!!
June of 2008
My 20th Birthday hugs from Bret!!
Ok, who's jealous??? LOL
August 2008
Onstage selling Bret!!!
Hard work, just for Bret!!
More Bret selling!!
And more selling, but don't you love my shirt???
On stage with Bret and Big John!
Now I'm taping the crowd for Bret!!
Click the "next page" link to see all my other pics and keep checking back on this page, I'm sure that I
will have more to keep adding!!!
And now I'm rockin' onstage with Bret!!!