On my way I ran into Sizzmo, who rode all the way from California!
This is Marla, Sizzmo and I. Sizz gave me a great RFTW  T-shirt. Thanks Sizz!
At the National Mall, I visited
with Mr. Ron Stout at his booth.
Mr. Stout once drove all the way
to my school to donate T-shirts
that we sold to make money
to visit the Veteran's Center
on Veteran's Day. Every time I
go to D.C., Mr. Stout is one of the
first people I visit.  On this trip
he gave me a hand-carved
wooden motorcycle made in an
orphanage in Vietnam. Thanks
Mr. Stout, it's great and I'll
always treasure it!
If you're ever in D.C. visit Mr.
Stout's booth and tell him
Nikki sent you!
The weather still wasn't cooperating so we decided to head back to the hotel
to get ready for the Rolling Thunder Banquet.
On my way out of the mall,
I met Tim and Sandra who are
also from New Mexico.
(Sorry I missed you Mudflap!)
They're my friend Shasta's
mom and stepdad and
although Shasta and I talk on
the phone and email each
other, I'd never gotten to
meet her mom and stepdad.
They gave me a special gift
Shasta had sent for me
and I sent one of my pins to
Shasta. Thanks Shasta,
I love the gift!
We decided to make one
more trip through Thunder
Alley and I'm really glad that I
did because I got to meet
Diane Carlson Evans, the
founder ot the Vietnam
Women's Memorial.
Saturday night we attended the Rolling Thunder Banquet and I got to see
Miss America 2000, Heather French Henry again. This time I got to meet her husband as
well!  I talked to her for awhile and told her that she'll always be an inspiration to me
for helping our Vets!!  The banquet was so crowded that we went outside,
where we met my friends from  the Rolling Thunder PA Chapters 4 and 5.
Rick (the Prez of Chapter 5) was having a good time with us while Ron was
supposed to be watching Powmia (my bear) but I don't know who was watching who!
Rick has a really bad eye and has
had lots of surgeries. Nathan and
Ben thought they'd cheer him up
by showing him that his patch
was really pretty cool!!
They've very proudly earned the
nicknames of the "One-Eyed
Batman and his 2 Robins"!
You're still the best Rick...
Even if you
can't hear with
only one eye!
The first thing we did when we got to the Pentagon parking lot was get a group shot.
That's my mom, me, Marla, Nick and Hawgrider.
I sat on Marla's bike and
chatted with her while we
waited for the run to start.
(That's for you, Stump!)
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