Ok...check this out!
That's me on
Marla's bike...

I really think I need
one of these !!!
Note from the web designer

That would be Nikki
below   *wink*
This is the best !!!  Here I am waiting
for the Run to start and guess
whose bike I'm waiting by....
Bet ya never guess!

It's PAUL REVERE'S and I got
to ride with him !!!  What an honor!
Paul told me it was a good thing
we didn't fall down but he did
great and we had a wonderful time.

I'm so grateful to Paul and the Raiders
for their new CD "Ride To The Wall",
which is helping our Veterans!
You can click on the link below  for
more info on how to order this CD!
Thank you Mr. Revere...not only for
being my  new "Uncle" but for
everything you are doing for our Vets!
A pic of Marla, Paul Revere
and I waiting for the Run
to start...
This is what it's all about !!!  Hundreds of thousands of people standing up to support
our troops, our Veterans and our POW/MIA's...for as long as it takes to get the job done!
The ride was the
best! There were
people supporting
the run lined up on
every street!
This is the fly-over
that kicked off the
Rally. It was an
awesome sight!
This is Sgt. Muller speaking at the Rally while the Gold Star Mothers, Senator
Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Secretary Principi listen to his great speech.
And here's the Secretary of the VA, Anthony Principi speaking at the Rally.
That's me and Heather French Henry, Miss America 2000 in the background.
These are a few photos of me on stage at the Rally...
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