MAY 30, 2004
Here are  more pictures from Rolling Thunder XVII with some really great people!!
This is my little sister Natalie
(who went with us this year,
me and Kate!! She was one of
the greatest Rolling Thunder
escorts that I've ever had!!!
This is Joannie Berg and to me she will
always be Mrs. Rolling Thunder!!!
Guess who made it to Rolling Thunder this
year?? Can you guess??? It's Doc!!! This is
the first time I've got to see him in forever!!
This is me and Doc, the first time that I got
to see him since 2000!!! We still email and
talk on the phone, but this was the best!!!
And this was great too!! This is Don
Melella (the Armed Turkey) and
Sheri  and Sheri's twin daughers.
Sheri does Roses for Vets every
Veterans Day in D.C.  and Don has
been with me the whole time I've
been doing this!!! My little sister is in
there too!!
You better believe that I'm not the
only kid who cares at Rolling
Thunder......there are a lot of us!!!!
And this is Sizzï¿¿Mo....a Gulf
War Vet who makes the ride
every year ALL THE WAY with
Run For The Wall!!!  With Sizz
is Mike who is with RFTW
This is Bad Bob (to the right) and the VNVMC.....they presented me with an award for
everything that I have done for our Veterans and our POW/MIA's.  What an honor with
was to receive the plaque they presented to me and it was an even bigger honor to meet
them all!
And this picture was the best!!! They turned to show their patches!!!
These are our friends, Billy and Kevin
O'Toole.  After their family went to
Rolling Thunder for the first time in
2003 their dad bought a bike and they
came back this year too!!! When I was
still in Catholic School, Billy and I were
in the same room and now Natalie and
Kevin our in the same room at my old
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