MAY 30, 2004
Let the thunder be heard!
After we went through the run this year, I had a huge surprise waiting for me from Rolling
Thunder National!!!
They took me to the White House to meet
with President George W. Bush!! We rode
right up to the front lawn!!
Here we are! The members of Rolling Thunder National, Dianne Carlson Evans, me and
Nancy Sinatra with President Bush on the front lawn of the White House!!
I know, I know, I should have asked if I could have sit in the desk to see how it fits, but I
didn't!! Maybe someday I'll get another chance!!
And here it and President George W. Bush!!!
I even got to tell the President what to do while I was in the Oval Office.....I really don't
think that you can beat that, can you???
Email President Bush and let him know what you think!!!
What a view of the White House!
This is most certainly the closest that
I have ever been and trust me, it's
a lot bigger than it looks!
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