MAY 30, 2004
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And this most definately is one of my favorite Marines!! This is Ssgt. Tim Chambers.  He
is in Washington D.C. every Memorial Day and every Veterans Day.....if you ever see him
there, tell him Thank You!!! SSgt. Chambers was stationed in Washington D.C. and I
could never begin to tell you the heroics of this Marine on September 11th.
Ssgt. Tim Chambers and my little sister Natalie by The Wall.
And this is the best of all!!!
Ssgt. Tim Chambers stands and salutes the Rolling Thunder Run as it passes, holding
this salute for 3+ hours!!! Semper Fi Ssgt. Chambers!!
Rolling Thunder President, Artie Muller,
addresses the crowd at Rolling Thunder
Next up, it's Anthony
Principi, the Secretary
of the Veterans
Then the stage was all mine!!
This is the best in the
world...being able to speak at
Rolling Thunder!!!
This is Sgt. Sterling and he is one of
my heroes! He just came back from Iraq
and was a patient at Walter Reed when
he came to Rolling Thunder. Sgt. Sterling
lost his right arm fighting for our country
in Iraq. I've even heard from him a few
times since! What an honor it was just
to be able to meet him and tell him
thank you. Than you Sgt. Sterling, we
are PROUD of you!!!