...and there we go!
After the run...
This is me and the National Chapter President of Rolling Thunder, Artie Muller.
Thank you Mr. Muller for everything you have done for me!
This is Mr Mendes, me and Senator
Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who I was
very glad to meet!!! Too bad all of the
Senators weren't like Sen. Campbell,
he is really trying to help our
Rolling Thunder Rally
The crowd at the rally.
This is Miss America speaking
at the Rally!! She held her crown
in her hand because on this day
she was every Veteran's
daughter. She says that is the
best title that she has ever been
given because when she won
the crown every Veteran won
Then it was my turn and Mr. Mendes gave
me a wonderful introduction!!! I wasn't
even nervous because what I had to say
was too important to be nervous!!!!
And there I was, in front of everyone
and on National TV telling everyone
that we must remember our Veterans
and bring our POW/MIA's home NOW!!!
I even told them how Al Gore never
answered my letter that I put in his
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