More photos of me giving my speech...
The crowd loved it when I said that not hearing from Vice President Al Gore was my first
lesson in politics and I had to laugh! C-Span spelled my name wrong,
but I didn't mind at all!!!
Saluting the Veterans for everything they have done for me!!!!
I love this, Nikki Mendicino, Activist!!!! I have been called the youngest advocate
in the world, a title I wear proudly!!!
This is Gerald McCullar in a POW Tiger Cage.  He does this to show people how are
soldiers are held captive.  He is very special and I am so glad that I got to meet him!!
These are Vietnamese Soldiers who were at the Rally.  Their sign says
"Don't forget POW/MIA"
This is me and a Vietnamese soldier with his wife.  They thanked me for my speech and I
asked if I could have my picture taken with them!!!!
This is a Vietnamese woman who came up to me right after I made my speech.  All she
could say to me was "Thank You." She gave me a hug and she cried.  I never did learn her
name, but she touched me very much and I will never forget her.
Nothing could ever take the place of being  such a special part of Rolling Thunder!!! I truly
understand what it means to be called a brother or a sister and the closeness that
everyone shares.  Thank you Mr. Muller and Mr. Mendes for allowing me to be involved, I
hope that I did what you expected of me. No words could ever, ever explain how much
everything you have done means to me.  I will never forget.......
Mr. Patrick Hughes, the photographer for
Rolling Thunder sent me some new
pictures.  Click on my Rolling Thunder
patch to see the new pictures that I got!!
Thank you Mr. Hughes!!!
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