During the week of May 15, 2001 my mom received a phone call from a producer at the
Rosie O'Donnell Show. They wanted to talk to me too and they said they would call
back as soon as I got home from school. Sure enough, they called when I got home!
They wanted to fly me and my mom to New York so that I could open the Rosie
O'Donnell Show on Memorial Day!! So on May 21, 2001 we left Pittsburgh Airport and
headed for New York. We were going to tape the show on May 22, 2001 and then leave
for Pittsburgh, so this meant that we only had about 24 hours in New York and we
made the most of it. Here are my pictures and story about being in New York City!
We flew into LaGuardia National Airport and we even had a driver waiting for us,
you know the kind that stands there and has a sign with your name one it, waiting
for you!  He drove us all through New York and my mom and I were having a blast
just being able to see all the sites and the buildings that we knew!
Then we got to our hotel and it was wonderful!! We stayed at the Le Parker
Meridian Hotel.  But we really weren't there very long because as soon as we got
to the room, we called my friend Sasha (you'll meet her later on this page, she's
great!!) and made plans to see New York!!
And straight for Broadway we headed!!! You know what kind of luck we have, it
was pouring down rain!! But we didn't have much time in New York, and we weren't
going to stay in a hotel room and wait for it to stop raining (which it didn't!!)
As soon as we hit Broadway, one of the very first things we ran into was the Ed
Sullivan Theather, which is the home of the David Letterman Show!! We didn't
see Dave, so we went and did the next best thing!!
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