<---And there he was!!!
I won't say any more on that!!!
And there was Secretary of Defense William Cohen and Tom Hanks!!!!
Tom Hanks did a reading.
Check out President "Cool" with Senator Dole!!! Senator Dole had a great speech and he got a standing ovation!!! The President got a half of a standing ovation!!!
(I wasn't standing!!!!)
I never did catch up to Rolling Thunder National and I was sad that I missed them.  They know that I am counting the days to see them again at Rolling Thunder XIV!!!! I was so glad that I got to see the groundbreaking ceremoney and witness history!!!! I hope to be able to be in D.C. when they dedicate the Memorial!!!
Of course the very next place that we went was to The Wall.  We stopped at the Women's Memorial first so that I could honor the women who served!!
Then we went to The Wall. I left something for all of my adopted POW/MIA's and told them that they will never be forgotten. This is me touching the name of Sgt. Arlie Mangus. I usually wear a small American Flag on my hat, wait until you see what I did with it.
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