After we left The Wall we went over by the Lincoln Memorial and as we were walking over by the booths I heard somebody call "Nikki" and it was Ron Stout!!!! He owns one of the booths by the Lincoln Memorial and he is the Veteran who drove the whole way to my school to donate all of the T-shirts for us to sell to raise the money to take the school to the Veterans Center for Veterans Day!!!! I was so glad to get to meet him!!!! We visited with him in his booth for awhile and he gave me three beautiful pictures that he had taken of the Three Soldiers statue, the Women's Memorial and the wall at the Korean Memorial!! It was getting pretty cold and pretty late and we hadn't found Mr. Devlin yet.  We had him paged and we went to dinner together!!! It was great to be with Mr. Devlin too, my favorite Park Ranger!! After dinner Mr. Devlin went back to work until midnight and we went back to the hotel. I told my mom that the first place that I wanted to go on Sunday morning was Arlington National Cemetery because I had something very special that I wanted to do.  On Sunday, we checked out of the hotel and went straight to Arlington.
When I first started my web site, one of the first people that I heard from was Mr. Chris Rich.  He is a member of Operation Just Cause and he told me that his dad, Captain Richard Rich, was shot down on May 19, 1967 over North Vietnam and that he had been listed as Missing In Action.  When Secretary of Defense, William Cohen went to Vietnam he visited the crash site of Captain Rich.  On March 13, 2000 Captain Rich was brought home, to the United States and on November 7, 2000, three days before I was in Washington D.C. he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  On November 12, 2000 I visited Captain Rich to tell him Welcome Home.
This is the temporary marker for Captain Richard Rich.
My mom found the marker first and I walked over to where she was.  I knelt down by the marker and I cried.   I wanted to do something very special for Captain Rich to show him that I cared and that I would never forget.
I took the American Flag out of my hat and I took a Vietnam Veteran pin off of my hat.  I put the pin on the Flag and I left them for Captain Rich.  I sent Mr. Rich an email and told him that I visited his dad to tell him Welcome Home and that I would visit him again when I go back in May 2001.  Mr. Rich, I would like to thank you for sharing your dad's story with all of us and I am very honored to have been able to welcome Captain Rich home.  Please visit Chris Rich's tribute to his dad, click the rubbing of Captain Rich's name from The Wall.
  Thank you Mr. Rich.
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