The Goldstar Mothers at the
opening ceremony.
The future leaders of our country take the stage to start the Pledge of Allegiance.
They were the greatest!!!
We will care, we will remember and WE WILL BRING THEM HOME!!!
Top left: And the Marines salute while the kids say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Top right: Look!!! That's my favorite Park Ranger, Mr. Devlin.  He was there everyday too!! There was a wreath for every person on The Wall from Fayette County and Mr. Devlin
and I got to place one too!!!
Standing watch over the Wall.
Then came my turn and there is Mr. Coughenour introducing me and what a wonderful introduction he did!!!
Although I spoke everyday, I'm only going to show you these two pictures because I want the rest of this page to show all of the great people that I met and to show how special
this event was !!
On Saturday there was a huge parade and the VVI even arranged for me to be in a convertible!!! You guessed it, it rained!!!! The parade went on just as planned and I still got to ride in the convertible!!!! And guess who else was there??
It was Ken and Katie from Rolling Thunder PA Chapter 4 and they had their great POW/MIA van ready for the parade!!! Because of them being there, I met a couple of people who are now very, very special to me. There is a picture of all of us farther down the page!!!
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