After the parade, there was a Zambelli firework show and it was great!!! If you live anywhere in the Pittsburgh area, you know that Zambelli firework shows are the best!!!!
This is me and Mr. Ken Noga, he's a member of Fayette County VVI and you'll see a lot of him in these pictures. He was always there to help me with whatever I needed!! Thanks Mr. Noga!!!!
Below: There's me with a few of the members of the Fayette County VVI and that's Mr. Frank Voytek, the President, right behind me!! Just like the VVI of Pittsburgh, these guys are the greatest and I am proud to be a member of the VVI!!
Even Helen, who works with my dad drove the whole way down to see The Wall.  That's her on the left, waiting to hear my speech!!!
Actually, Helen drove down to hear my speech twice!!! There we are showing everyone how proud we are!!!
After one of my speeches, Mr. Coughenour introduced me to someone very special,
a survivor of Iwo Jima!!
My friend Abie Abraham was a guest speaker too and I was glad to be with him again.  Mr. Abraham is a survivor or the Bataan Death March. Today, he is 87 years old and he still volunteers at the VA Hospital!!! He is my inspiration and I know that I still will be visiting the patients at South Western Veterans Center when I'm 87 years old too!!!!
This is me, Ron Duerring and Joe, from Somerset County!! They came to see The Wall and it was a surprise because they didn't know I was there!! I was glad to see them again! I was with them in Somerset County for their POW/MIA Vigil in June!!!
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