These are pictures from the Korean War Memorial. This Memorial is so beautiful.
It really makes you feel that we are protected.
This small block says so much. 
EVERY MONTH, 227 men were POW/MIA during the Korean War.
These are the pictures of why I went to Washington D.C.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial-THE WALL
I salute all of you who this statue represents. To those who returned, WELCOME HOME and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. No one can ever take away the pain and memories that you have, but we can tell you how grateful and proud we are of you. To the 58,219, I salute you for making the sacrifice to protect my freedom.  May God always keep you in His care. To the many still missing, I salute your memory and will always keep your spirit alive until you are free!
They stand watching over their friends, day and night.
They are the Guardians of The Wall.
When you stand and see your reflection on The Wall you know that somehow, through the black granite, someone is looking back at you, saying
"Thank You For Caring"
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