Veterans Day 2000
This year Veterans Day was very special to me!! I spent it in my favorite place, Washington D.C.!! These aren't all of my pictures, but I wanted to show you the ones that I have so that you can see how I honored my Heroes!! Sorry that these pictures aren't the best, we were having problems with the camera again!!! A special thanks to everyone at Rolling Thunder National for making the weekend very special!!  Happy Veterans Day!!!
On Friday, November 10th, I spoke at the Veterans Day Ceremony in Media, PA, which is about 5 hours away from me.  My favorite General, Brig. Gen. Patten introduced me and I even met a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.  He was a real hero!!!
George Washington was there too!!!
They have a wonderful ceremony there where they do a "Flag Exchange." A Veteran has a small American Flag and a POW/MIA Flag and he or she passes it on to a relative or a student which means they are passing on the legacy of every Veteran to my generation!! It was very beautiful and I have never seen anything like it before.  I was very honored to be invited to this special ceremony in Media, PA!! I met so many wonderful Veterans!!! Patrick Hughes, the photographer for Rolling Thunder was there too, so you know we will have some great pictures from him!!!!
Make sure you visit the "Flag Exchange" web site at:
From Media we were off to Washington D.C.!!! Thanks so much to Rolling Thunder
National for all their help at the last minute!!! They are the best!!!!
Thanks to my mom driving around the Capitol for two hours we were lost and we were late!!!! We finally made it though and went out to dinner with RT National and I was so glad to see them again!!! That's my dad talking to John Mendes, National VP!!!
Veterans Day 2000!!!
We got up and headed to the National Mall!! We went to check out the line for the National WWII Memorial groundbreaking and we ran into everyone from Tom Schepers' committee!!! Mr. Schepers was at the Washington Monument and he was getting ready to "run" into the site when his committe told me to get going and run in with him!!!!!
II kept telling them no, that this was Tom's day, but they kept telling me to go ahead!!!! There I am on the right side of the picture running the last stretch with Tom!!! My little brother Nicholas is on the other side!!! We didn't get to make it over to the ceremony at The Wall, but I was so honored to help Tom again!!!! I am very proud that I got to finish the run with him and am very glad that I met him!!!!
Then we were off to the groundbreaking of the WWII Memorial!!!
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